Holistics at apple- Pamper session!!

My lovely friend Christine recently opened her own Holistics room inside Apple Hair Salon in Evenwood Bishop Auckland. 
This week I popped in to experience one of her full body facials! 

She started off with a Mococa body wrap, and oh my my senses were in heaven!! the smell of chocolate filled the air! mmmmm 
All the products that Christine uses are from a company called Spa Journey and contain some of Asias finest botanicals which are grown, harvested and blended using traditional methods! 
Cocoa was first used by the Mayans, Theobroma cacao is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, flavanoids, phenols and also anti oxidant properties and it nourishes and smooths the skin.
Coffee contains natural acids which help tone, detox and exfoliates tired skin....and my skin was very tired lol

To start she used a dry body brush to prep the skin for treatment, buffing off any dry skin so the products absorb easier, also to help circulation and lymph movement. Next she applied the Mococa wrap, firstly using it as an exfoliant to help buff the skin further. The product was then left on for 15-20 minutes so the skin could absorb all the benefits. Then all the product was removed with hot wet towels fresh from her little towel warmer!! she then applied a lovely light coconut moisturiser. Aswell as this I had a little foot massage and a back massage which I have to say was the best back massage I have ever had!

This treatment would be listed on her price list as a full body facial with a back, neck and shoulder massage and usually lasts around 90 minutes and what cost £50.

From a review side of things, Christine was so professional and made me feel very comfortable from the minute I walked in and lay on her warm treatment table (she has an electric blanket under the towels !!) to walking out the door. 
She only spoke to me when I spoke to her which I think is very good because some people, like me, love to chat away while getting treatments whereas others like to close their eyes and not mutter a word untill its over!

I would definitely recommend Christine, and I will be going back to her for sure! 

If you decide to book an appointment with Christine just let her know that Ainsleigh sent you!!

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