Welcome to the world Jude!!

Hi everyone!

A long time ago I started to follow a mammy YouTuber called Shaylee when she was pregnant with her first child Eden. I was still longing for a child of my own at this point and a lot of my time was spent trying to "occupy" myself so I didn't get too upset about it, and that time was usually spent Watching Shaylee and her family make beautiful videos on her YouTube channel!  

Well she has just had her second child last week, a little boy called Jude and he is the sweetest!!!  They had the birth of Jude filmed and made it into and extremely heart melting video that truthfully I cried at for about 10 minutes, then couldn't stop singing "hey Jude " all night!  Oh did I forgot to mention Shaylee and David her husband recorded that song for their little man aswel!  They are super talented '!!

Anyway I wanted to share that amazing video with you, try watching it without being a blubbering mess especially at the part where Big Sister Eden sings to her brother!! (ahhhhh)

Check out Shaylee's Youtube channels: 

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