Masons 11 Month Update!!

Hi Everyone,

Wow my little baby boy is 11 months old......that means next month he has been on this planet for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!!! .....this scares me just how quick time has gone! how fast will the next year go and the year after that?? I will wake up one day and he will going to school! Oh Mason please stay mammy's little man forever!!!!!

Anyway back to the update *wipes tears away*.......

This month we were lucky enough to go on our first family holiday together in Fuerteventura! (Post about this to follow) and it seems like Mason changed so much in that one week we were away from home! 

Masons sleep patterns have been near enough the same for a few months now he goes to bed between 7-8pm after his bottle. On a good night I will only be in once or twice to stick his dummy back in and he will sleep in his own bed until around 6 ish but this happens very rarely! Its more like he goes to bed and sleeps till about 2:30-3am then sits up in his coat and cries until i give in and bring him in my bed ! and for all those who are thinking "she's making a rod for her own back doing that!"  I actually like it when he comes into my bed and gives me cuddles, it means he is actually wanting to be with me cuddling me......that isn't not going to last forever! ...this is once I finally get to sleep because his cuddles somehow turn into a foot in the eye socket or a hand slapped across the face! On holiday obviously routine was out the window! but he copes very well with it and adapted to a new routine within a day! He would just fall asleep in the pram on a night and he was that zonked out when we went to bed I managed to take him out the pram and undress him and put him in the cot without waking!

I'm still all over the place with feeding, I will be honest I'm still mainly feeding baby jars and pouches because he eats them and I know he's had a good filling meal, because every time i try him on a proper home cooked meal that we are having he's totally not interested! more of goes to the dog than in his mouth!!! I still feel a slight guilt that I didn't introduce him to "our" food earlier I was just so bloody scared about all the salt contents and sugars and this and that! I seriously think I have made him more of a fussy eater by being to cautious what I gave him!
He is still on three 8oz bottles a day (he loves him bottles!!) I did give him the tiniest bit of full fat cows milk in a beaker the other day and he didn't seem to think much of it and he was sick a while after so I think I will wait until he's 12 month for that. I have stopped sterilising his bottles now aswell, I just thought if he;s been fine with me not sterilising them on holiday then surely he's going to be OK here plus he puts his hands in his mouth when they have been on the floor where the dog is so you know... its not going to matter! I just give them a very good wash out with very hot soapy water and give them a good rinse and shake then put all the bits together and stand them on the kitchen counter ready to be used. Not having the steriliser there any more I have managed to regain my coffee machine again! HELLO CAFFEINE!!!!

Mason has taken a good 5 or 6 steps now by himself and I think he's going to be walking for his birthday because he is so confident and you can see he really tries to get from one thing to the other by walking rather than crawling!
He now says "Mama" "Dada" "Da" (which is dog) "Grandad" and we think he's been trying to say "again" but he hasn't quite grasped that yet!

Mason has 3 teeth, two on the bottom and one on the top and boy do I know it!!! I literally have bruises on my shoulder and arm where he's bit me! I hope this isn't going to turn into "thing" I try to ignore him when he does it because he looks at me for attention after but it hurts so bad I have shout out lol . He is also becoming very clingy to me I cant walk out the room at the minute without him screaming for me, even if he's with daddy!

He gives you cuddles now if you say "ahhhahh" its so cute and he really really cuddles into you! Oh and a very recent one is he has learnt how to brush his hair although he first thought it was a telephone and was holding it up to his ear! lol If you say to him Mason Dance he bounces up and down and gives you a cheesy smile! 

Well there we go for another month! next one will be his 12 month update then I'm thinking about stopping his monthly updates. If he does something new or different then I can always write about it in a separate post!



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