Is it too soon for a Nursery Makeover???

Hi Everyone!!

So I've been thinking recently that I want to paint Masons room a totally different colour and change the theme of it completely! I know he isn't even 1 yet .....but I get bored really fast and love a good project! 

Masons room at the minute is all white walls apart from the window wall which is a light blue/turquoise colour (the main colour scheme in his room is white, orange, turquoise and grey)  

*PLEASE NOTE: these pictures are off before he was even born the cot has moved away from the wall vent and it has also been lowered!

The bedding and curtains are from Mamas and Papas (I don't think they sell this range any more) and they have a sort of camping/travelling/adventure theme to them, which is actually really handy and I haven't wasted my money because the new theme I'm wanting to go with is Bear/Adventure/mountains ect. This is a littler taster of the theme I'm going for, we are also going to paint all 4 walls grey to make the room a little darker because as much as I love white its just too white for his bedroom (need calming sleepy colours lol)
*image courteous of 

I have been on Pinterest so much over the past few weeks getting some ideas together and I just cant wait to start it all once we get back off our holidays next week!
We have decided that we are going to try and get it all finished and perfect for before Masons Birthday in November, so all being well I will make another post with lots of pictures and tell you were we bought certain things from. One website I'm loving at the minute for quirky bits and pieces is 'This Modern Life'
If anyone else has this theme nursery and you have any tips and tricks or maybe you found some cool decoration off a certain website ect then leave your comments below!!


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