Masons 7 Month Update!!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Masons 7 Month Update! Another month older...(sniffle sniffle). 
This month we have had lots of ups and downs! Mason can now fully sit up by himself with no support! He has also started bearing a lot more weight onto his legs and goes crazy in his jumperoo! We bought him a Vtech Walker toy and he is managing to stand with that but I still have hold his bum a bit lol. 

Mason is on at least two meals a day now breakfast and tea but sometimes he will have a little dinner aswell depending on where we are at that time. He loves pears still and he has tried a few of the Ella's Kitchen range, he especially loves the chicken casserole one! I do try to make my own food for him but sometimes I just don't have time or I don't have food in that he can eat and to be honest with you the pouches are so quick and easy! I know people say to stay clear of the ready made baby food but I seriously can't fault Ella's Kitchen!
I have tried cutting down on his milk now as he is still having 5 bottles a day aswell as his food, actually up until very recently he was having food twice a day and still drinking 8oz bottles 5 times a day!!! no wonder he's a chubby baby lol! but he has gradually started drinking less and less of his bottles now.

If you remember on his last update he hated his swimming lessons! well I kept taking him and I'm glad I did (although I was very tempted to pack it in!) because the last session he thoroughly enjoyed it and he laughed and splashed about ! We got to the last 5 minutes of the class and it was free play so I decided to literally take the plunge and see what he would be like dunking him again and to my astonishment he was fine!!! yeyyy I have a water baby again!!
I didn't take to his most recent class which was last week because of an "incident" that happened on the Monday night.
 Mason decided he was going to commando roll off my bed and hit his head off his cot!!!!!!
I have never been so frightened in all my life! I put him in the middle of the bed and told Andrew to watch him while I went to the loo. I had just sat down on the toilet when I heard the most spine chilling sound! it was a loud thud followed by a screaming baby. Andrew had literally turned around for two seconds to close the blinds and he had rolled from the middle of the bed off my side ! I was besides myself with panic and we took him straight to A&E. Everything was ok thankfully he had a bit of a bruise on his head, but they decided to keep us in overnight with him being under one year old. 

Mason is in 6-9 month clothing but I'll be honest with you they are a little tight on him! I'm hoping all the 9-12 month clothing I have bought for our holidays fit him ! He will be 10 month when we go so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The cutest thing ever to happen this month is him trying to say "Hi Ya" !!!! he copies us and waves aswell! We have also noticed that he has been trying to get up onto his knees when on his tummy so I don't think its going to be long before he's crawling ! 
He smiles at anyone and he is such a little attention seeker! whenever we go out he has people going "ahhhh" over him lol! 

We tried him in his own bedroom a couple of nights ago, I was a nervous wreck all day thinking about it! but to my amazement he did just fine ! He woke up a few time in the night which I was expecting because he did that in his cot in our room aswell, so its quite tiring having to get out of bed and go into his room about 5 or 6 times in the night but I'm sure he will grow out of it !
I can't believe that in 5 months time he will be 1 year old!!! If you know me then you will know that I'm a very organised person, so naturally I have already started browsing Pinterest for First Birthday ideas lol!! I'm so looking forward to our holiday in September its a much needed get away and Mason will love going in the pool and the sea!..........hopefully! lol


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