Mamas & Papas Morph Carrier Review

Hi Everyone,

I'm back with another review and I'm afraid this one isn't pretty!!

A few months ago I bought the Mamas & Papas Morph Carrier as I wanted something a little more sturdy than my SnugiWrap carrier, and also for my husband to wear so we could share the load of carrying Mason. I wasn't overly keen on getting one of these carriers anyway because of all the information I have read on how they aren't good for baby's hips because they just hang as apposed to slings or stretchy wraps (or some other carriers) where the Child's knees actually sit in line with their bottoms meaning there isn't any strain on their little hips. I finally gave in and went on the hunt for a carrier, now don't ask me why I decided on the Morph, I think maybe because it was under £100 and we were in Mamas & Papas at the time! 

I brought it home and I couldn't wait to put mason in it and go for a walk, so that I did! Me and the Mother In Law took my dog Loki out for a walk and I put mason in the carrier. My first initial thought was "hmm its quite bulky" but maybe its just because I'm used to the stretchy wrap? Then once I had Mason in  it facing me I thought "he's a bit lower down than usual, and also he looks like he's just hanging there !" but I kept my thoughts to myself and off we went on our walk.

The carrier lasted 24 hours if that..........

Like I said we went out for a walk the day I bought it and although it didn't look as comfy as my usual stretchy wrap I still wanted to give it a chance. I took it over my mams house to show her, and as I was laying it down on the settee to adjust it it just came apart in my hands!!! Thankfully Mason wasn't in it! because as you will see in the pictures, the part that came away is actually the bit that fastens him in ! I mean I honestly don't know how it didn't come away the day before when Mason was in it because when I took it back to the shop (after putting a customer complaint in over the phone!) the lady had a look at it and even she couldn't believe it, she said it looked like the bit hadn't even been sewn in in the first place as there was no marks on the fabric! 
I got my money back (£80) and it just made me realise even more how much I love the stretchy wrap! Your child feels so much more comfy and close to you! and its not big and bulky to carry around with you! 

Take a look at the pictures below ......

As you can see on this picture the stitching on the fastener has completely come away!

This is what its supposed to look like...attached at both ends!

This picture is on its side but you can see here on the top of the picture the fastener is connected to the front pad and the back pad whereas the one on the bottom of the picture has detached! 

I'm not usually a one to go on rants about products but when it is a safety concern for your baby then I think its my duty to let you all know what happened to me just in case your carrier is faulty, can you imagine if Mason was in it when it happened ?!!!


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