My Spring Clean & Declutter Top Tips

Hi Everyone,

It has come........the time of year when I have a sudden urge to either move house, build an extension or do a massive declutter and deep clean, and I always opt for the last choice!! mainly because I'm not a millionaire and can't move or build a conservatory every April/May!

I thought I would compile my Top 10 Spring Clean & Declutter tips and tricks for you!

  1. Ask yourself "Do I really need this boiled egg slicer"? You probably don't!
  2. Have a plan!!- I usually write down a room by room plan of what I need to do.
  3. 3 Box System- I stole this idea from Pinterest, have 3 boxes (maybe storage boxes) and label them "KEEP" "THROW" "STORAGE" this makes sorting everything out a lot easier if you have somewhere to put it!
  4. Call the babysitter! If you have small children (I have a teething 6 month old!) it might be best to wait until you have someone who can watch them while you take on this tiring task! 
  5. Its Magic!- If you need to clean bathroom tiles or grout the best thing I have used so far is the Flash Magic Eraser.
  6. Let it go!!- unfortunately I don't mean dance around your house singing the best Disney song ever.......No I mean Let it go as in take the folder of school books and friendship notes you have kept since you were like 13 and throw them away......their just a reminder of how old your getting anyway !
  7. Ask!!- Plain and simple Ask the person you live with, if its ok too chuck their holey socks might be their favourite comfy socks!!!
  8. Wash Everything!- I always think it makes the house smell and look a lot cleaner if you wash bedding, cushion covers, even rugs! The rug is a must when you have a little dirty Jack Russell trailing mud in from the garden !!!
  9. Pretty Boxes- If you have lots of bits and bobs that you really can't bare to part with then I always find hiding them in pretty stacking boxes works a treat! TK Max is brilliant for quirky designs.
  10. In the mood!- My final tip is Don't start until you are really in the mood to do it otherwise everything will just be chore to you!

I hope my tips and tricks help to make your Spring Clean a little less stressful and a bit more enjoyable !

Any tips or tricks you have that I haven't mentioned ? comment below!!


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