Masons 6 Month Update!!!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Masons 6 month Update........wait what???? 6 MONTHS!!!!!
Yup, Mason is 6 months old already, I can't quite believe that my baby is half a year old!

Let me start by saying I apologise, you may be thinking why are you apologising well...because up until last month I had actually been counting Masons age wrong!! I don't know how I managed to go that long thinking there was only 4 weeks in every month !!!??? Mummy Brain to the extreme! I felt so bad like a really bad parent because I though mason was a few weeks older than he actually was! 

Anyway, that aside Mason has been hitting all his milestones this month. Starting with his eating schedule, He is still on 8oz bottle every 3/4 hours but he has breakfast (usually baby porridge or banana and apple puree' or recently we tried Ellas Kitchen Mango Baby Brekkie which he loves!) then he has a snack at dinner time, he loves pear in his Munchkin fresh food feeder! check out my post on Masons Weaning Journey HERE
He has tea usually at 5pm, we have just started Baby Led Weaning and he's loving broccoli and cauliflower. He's not keen on Cucumber at all lol but his favourite food so far is Pear and he still loves his sweet potato !

His sleeping patterns are getting a little better but he's still waking up sometimes during the night. He still sleeps in his crib in our room but we are just waiting on getting some blackout blinds for his nursery then we will try him in his own room.(I'm not sure I'm ok with him moving away from me yet though lol) 
Mason is rolling over like there is no tomorrow! even when I'm trying to change his "dirty" nappy ! He is sitting up all by himself now aswell! and the funniest thing he has learnt to do this month is babble on to himself ! its hilarious he screams then laughs at himself lol he just loves the sound of his own voice !
He has started taking notice of his hands a lot and will just lie and stare at his finger lol its so funny to watch because he goes cross eyed lol he also has started to feel different textures and loves scraping his nails off things!!!
His favourite programme by far is The TwirlyWoos and he shakes with excitement when the them tune comes on lol. He also loves RaRa The Lion! 

He had his first swimming lesson the other day at our local swimming baths, he loved it and was so good at kicking his legs while on his front, however I didn't realise in these classes you have to dunk them like you do at water babies .......if you remember my last update post I tried doing this myself and he didn't like it so I had no hope this time either , and I was right he screamed every minute after that! but its a 12 week course so hopefully after 12 weeks he will be used to it ......i hope!!

I wish I could have a pause or slow motion button because time is going way to fast, my baby isn't so much a baby anymore and that makes me sad! but i also can't wait to do things with him that i couldn't before because he was too young. Bring on the summer, picnics,paddling pools and baby ice lollys ! I can't wait!!


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