Dribble Bib Giveaway!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! 

This is something I have decided to do on the spur of the moment ! I recently bought some fabric to start making and selling Dribble Bibs, however I soon realised I just don't have the time at the minute to fulfil orders so I'm taking it steady and just making them for my little one at the minute. I'm now left with this lovely turquoise and white polka dot fabric and even if I make Mason another 3 bibs out of it I will still have lots left !!! and I can't see it go to waste so I thought right what better way to connect with my readers than doing a GIVEAWAY !! 
I have never done anything like this before so it will be nice to connect with you all! 

The rules of the giveaway are:
 LIKE my FaceBook page and SHARE it.
 FOLLOW me on Instagram and TAG me @ainz666 in your fav picture of your little one with #HANGIVEAWAY

The winner will be selected at random (in other words pulled out of a hat! lol) 



p.s I am by no means a professional bib maker! my stitching is good but not absolutely perfect so don't judge my arty farty skills please!!! lol if its good enough for mason its good enough for anyone!! 


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