Mommy Gets Fit!!.......Week 1

Hi Everyone,

So if you liked my FACEBOOK PAGE you will know about this new series I have started called "Mommy Gets Fit" !! Well this is my first week on the Juice Plus diet. I chose to do the 21 day programme to get a feel for it first, and this week is my detox week. It sounds a lot worse than what it actually is! You get a one week meal plan to follow then the second week you start the shakes. You have one shake in the morning, one for lunch, two snacks during the day and a main meal for tea. I wont go into to much into detail about the diet because I would like you to check the Website out and especially Terri's Facebook Page (my friend from school who is a Juice Plus representative).

My starting weight is 10 St 41/2lbs and my measurements are: 
Hips - 40 inch, Waist - 37 inch, Left Arm - 11 1/2 inch, Right Arm -  11 inch, Left Thigh - 22 inch, Right Thigh - 22 inch.                                                                                                                                                                                                

And here's my before pictures (major cringe !!!!) 

Can't believe I'm actually Putting them pictures out there for all to see ! But I suppose I have just had a baby two months ago lol and I always feel having a before picture really helps to motivate you more to loose the weight !

Well I hope you check out the websites,  I have left links above to both of them. Let me know if you start the Juice Plus diet !! 


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