Masons 2 month update!!

Hi Everyone!
Wow my little man is already 2 months old !!!!! Seriously where has the time gone!

Let me just say Mason is a very fast learner ! Since his last update he has learnt to smile, giggle, hold his head up for a lot longer, oh and yeah he's started to teeth already !

Yes you heard me right ! I thought it was impossible for a baby of 6 1/2 weeks to start teething but I was wrong ! He started putting his hands in his mouth, he was dribbling all the time and I could also feel a tiny little sharp thing on my finger when I felt his gums. It's not really bothered him too much but the days it does I just use Anbesol on his gums and he loved to have a good chew on my finger lol.
He has however been suffering a lot with wind at the minute and I feel like I'm forever giving him infacol to get his wind up. He farts A LOT! And is often sick with his bottle but I think that could just be the wind behind the milk bringing it back up . We did try a different milk to see if that helped (Aptamil reflux and regurgitation) but that was the worst mistake ever because it made him constipated for 24 hours poor little thing ! 
He has started to giggle and smile when ever someone comes up to him making silly faces or tickling his chin ! He has also very recently started trying to copy me stick my tongue out which is SOOO cute!
He is still in 0-3 clothes but he is fitting into some of his 3-6 month onsies ! He's getting so big ! He loves sitting in his bouncy chair with the vibrate on (it really calms him ) and he hates lying down he would rather be up looking around the room (nosey like his mother !) 
He celebrated his first Christmas this month and he's was spoilt rotten! My mam bought him a piano that you attach to the bottom of his cot and he can play it with his feet and he absolutely loves it !


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