28 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!!

How far along?  28 weeks!
Maternity clothes: My Lovely friend who has just had a baby 4 weeks ago, really kindly gave me a few bits and pieces of maternity clothing she hadn't wore (they still had the tags on !!) 
Stretch marks: None
Sleep: Nothing much has changed in the way of sleep apart from its getting very hard to roll over from side to side now! and sleeping on my back is a no go! I feel like I'm suffocating lol
Best moment this week: Well I don't have any moment in particular but this week I have held my friends baby, he's so cute and made me think "ahhh I'm going to have one of these soon!!" and I also visited a friend I grew up with that I haven't seen in years who has also just had a little boy 5 weeks ago. I also went to a christening this week so its been all babies babies babies!!!
Miss anything? nope
Movement: Still lots of movement and when I went to the midwife the other day she told me he was breach at the minute! but he has plenty of time move again before d day!
Food cravings: still pints of milk!
Anything making you queasy or sick? no not this week thank god!!
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: Same as last week, a lot of tightening.
Symptoms: I know I'm repeating myself but same as last week again  a lot of Braxton Hicks, very sore feet, and generally uncomfortable
Belly button in or out? It has definitely popped out a bit more lol
Wedding rings on or off? Off!! 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and very getting more and more excited by the day!
Looking forward to: My 4D scan next week!!! I'm so excited about this! its going to be my first glimpse of what my little man looks like!

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