Shopping Haul + OOTD!!

Hi Everyone!

Me and my lovely husband ventured out this morning at 8:30am to go to his doctors appointment so I managed to persuade him to drive to the shops after as it wouldn't be very busy that early in the morning........boy was I wrong! 

Apart from it being packed, I actually managed to get some lovely things which I will share with you today! 

First things first we went into Mcdonalds for breakfast...I know I know ...not healthy at all but those sausage and egg McMuffins and Caramel Frappuccinos were just crying out for me !!!! Then after our scrumptious breakfast we headed on over to the Nike Factory Shop. I did not need any sports wear but I found myself picking up loads of gym wear and draping them over my arm....probably without even realising,then I got to the trainers section...........

Well , I also don't need trainers, I already have a pair of decent pink trainers but  something caught my eye at the back of the shop. A flash of Turquoise and Pink!! Oh my these are the trainers I have been dreaming about ever since I repinned some on Pinterest!! I quickly looked at the price £49....Hmmmm I really want these trainers but if I get them I will have to put all these clothes back!!! 

It was worth putting the clothes back for these beauties !!!

Next it was onto .....well Next! We originally went into Next for a Kitchen bin.....there were no bins ....but lots of nice clothes!!
Andrew got a nice pair of jeans for £25 and I.....well I got these.....

I just happened to be thinking to myself " I think Im going to do a Shopping Haul on my blog tonight" and then I looked up and seen this baggy T-Shirt that says " I'm kind of a big deal on my blog" !!!! hahah I thought this was awesome and I grabbed it straight away!! (Oh by the way, I by no means think I'm a big deal! Just putting that out there!) I just thought wow what a coincidence I'l buy that! It was only £16 aswell!
The stretch Jeggings were also from Next and they are soooo comfy!!!! They were £26.
The converse were actually a christmas gift off the husband but I think he got them from JD sports (not sure the price), and the hat was also a christmas gift from my little sister Kirsty (again don't know where from or how much...I don't tend to ask people how much they have paid for my xmas gifts!)
And this made up my OOTD (well it did once I got home and put them on... and wore them around the house for a bit before changing into my warm PJ's)

Final stop off was Boots to pick up Andrews prescription and get my usual foundation as I was running very low on it this morning. I always get the same foundation, its the only one that seems to 'like' my sensitive skin! I did however go for a shade darker this time as I found that the one I had been using was maybe a little too light for my skin. Its the Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum in shade 53 and its £9.99 from Boots.

After all that shopping I was pleased to get in and have a cup of coffee! and try and forget about how much I had just spent..........oh well, a girls gotta have her treats!!



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