Update on Fertility Appointment!

Hi Everyone!

So my hospital appointment was yesterday! It pretty much went the way I thought it was going to.....being I came away with a prescription for Chlomid.

I have a few things to talk about regarding my appointment. Like I said in my last post I have just got to this point where I feel like I just cant go on with TTC anymore, and I went into the appointment still feeling this way, its such a strange feeling I cant really describe to be honest because I don't understand it myself. 
I sat down in the room with my mam, the doctor and a lady doctor and he started to talk to me about how he was going to prescribe me with a fertility drug called chlomid and he went through all the boring details that I already knew from researching it on the internet. The main one being there is a higher risk of multiple births on Chlomid as it helps to release more eggs during ovulation so obviously there are more eggs to fertilise, but I am totally fine with this ! If I have twins it's like two blessings! What he did say though was if there were more than two then that's when you and your babies are at higher risk of developing complications and you could even loose all your babies at the very worst . He then went on to say sometimes women decide to abort the other fetuses so that one baby has a better chance of survival . I honestly don't know how I feel about this because longing for a baby for so long then aborting some of them just doesn't seem logical to me ! But I shouldn't be worrying about it yet because imitate not even get pregnant on Chlomid yet ! Who knows!

Anyways I thought I'd share this quick update with you all , I will be doing a more in depth update when I start taking the Chlomid on cd2. I will mention wether or not I have any symptoms taking it, and hopefully I won't need to do any more Chlomid updates after that one because hopefully it will be a pregnancy announcement !

Ainz xx

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