Masons Last Monthly Update: 12 Months Update!!

Hi Everyone,

I decided a few months ago that I would stop Masons Monthly Updates once hit 12 Months old, so this is his last update! (*wipes tears away*) 
He is such a little character now and he has changed so much in the first year of his life! 

Mason is now fully walking around from room to room, and even down the street holding my hand! I have a little toddler on my hands! Its so cute to watch him waddle around and he also shuffles around on one knee with his foot in front of him pulling him along the floor (he's a weird child! lol) He has started to do a little dance to his favourite program theme tune when it comes on the TV (Gigglebiz) its hilarious to watch!  His favourite words to say at the minute are "nahnahnah" also the theme tune to Gigglebiz ! occasionally "mama" and "dah dah" which is dog. One thing that he has started to do this month that I just love is give you proper cuddles on demand, he cuddles you really tight and says "ahhh" !!

Mason has mastered going up the stairs by himself (obviously with one of us behind him!) and my mam has learnt him to go down the feet first on his belly and he knows when he comes to a step or getting down from the bed ect to turn around first and go on his belly! this has come in very very handy considering we decided just last night to take the side off his cot bed and turn it into a bed! I'm actually writing a post about why we did this so check it out once I publish it!
Up until a couple of nights ago Mason was still on three 8oz bottles a day of the Aptamil number 2 but yesterday we tried going to 2 bottles of Aptamil number 3 toddler milk. He still drank a good 7/8 oz in both bottles and ate his meals so I think he could be going through a growth spurt! tonight he drank 7oz then wouldn't go to sleep and kept trying to drink his bottle so I went down and made another 5oz up and he drank it all!!!

We have had a few sleepless nights this month trying new ways to keep him in his bed (read the post I wrote on this here!). He is in a routine of napping twice a day now for maybe 1 hour to 2 hours at a time but he will only go off to sleep in his pushchair being pushed around the living room! 
Mason is in size 12-18 month clothes and some of his stuff is even 1 1/2 to 2 years ! he's going to be very tall I think.....doesn't take after me at all! 

We did all of Mason room out for him as an extra birthday present this month. The theme is mountains/bears/adventurer and he loves it! we painted the walls grey and he has a lovely teepee to play in!

I feel so sad knowing that this is the last update! I really cant believe my cute little baby boy is one already, I miss his little newborn hand and feet and his tiny little bum!.....maybe a another newborn is what I need! lol am I crazy? lol


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