Guest Post By Shelsey Jarvis!!

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to my very first Guest Post! I hope to have many more in the future because I just love connecting with people and making new friends! 
This Guest Post is by Shelsey Javris. 

Shelsey is a mom of two and has recently wrote a song for her daughter that she recorded and released on her her Youtube channel. Since posting it her video has had over 5000 views! If your a mammy you MUST listen to this song I guarantee you, you will shed a tear!


Being a mom is effing hard.  There are tears, there is frustration, exhaustion, insecurity, doubt, and in my case, COFFEE.  I don’t think there’s a mother alive out there who has never felt any pressure to have a clean house, well-kept appearance, and the overall appearance of having their life together.  I call it the “pinterest phenomenon”.  We look at these other moms online who seem to get so much more done in a day than us.  How do they have time to make all their kid’s lunches into woodland creatures?  How are they able to accomplish so much, all while looking into their darling baby’s eyes?

This comparison makes us feel inadequate.  Like we “should” be doing more.  Like we “should” have time to do all the cooking, cleaning, exercising, showering, makeup, errands, etc, while taking care of our babies who need us constantly as a source of food and comfort.

As secure as I am about how I choose to parent my kids, sometimes I fall into the comparison trap too.  At the end of the day when the house is still a mess, and it feels like I got nothing done, I wonder where the time went.

So let’s take an inventory, shall we?  Here’s where the day went—to my baby.  I spend hours playing with her, helping her learn to roll over, stimulating her, showing her things around the house, and singing to her.  I change diapers, rock her, and feed her.  And guess what?  I’ve come to realize that even if I accomplish literally NOTHING else on any given day, at least she’s happy and I’ll know that I’m doing my job.  

I hate that the house is always messy.  I really miss the days when I had time to carefully pick out my outfit for the day, do my hair and makeup.  I’m exhausted, and would love nothing more than 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  There are times when I’m so frustrated with being a parent that I cry because I just want to be ALONE.  

So as a form of therapy for myself, I wrote this song, “You won’t need me for long”.  I wrote it as a reminder to myself that when I’m with my baby, SHE is what matters.  Not the dishes, not the laundry, not the outfit I’m wearing, and not how much sleep I got or didn’t get.  I remind myself to soak up these “baby” snuggles (because come on, there really are no better snuggles in the world, are there?), smell her head as much as I can, and put down my phone every once in awhile when I’m feeding her, so I can memorize her sweet features.

You’re not alone in your struggles, mama.  There’s no shame in experiencing the frustration and exhaustion that comes with being a mom.  I hope my song serves as a reminder to slow down and enjoy your babies while they’re still little.  As a mom of a 3-year-old, I can tell you, that baby stage is gone before you know it!

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