Masons 9 Month update!

Hi Everyone

I'm back with another monthly update! My little cutie is 9 months old!
This month Mason has learnt to stand up with aid of his Vtech walker and he also walks with help off mammy! (holding his hands lol!) His character is really coming our now, he says "hi ya" to EVERYONE!! and has started saying "Dada" !! although we are still unsure whether or not he's trying to say dog and not Dada because he looks down on the floor for the dog when he's saying it lol He absolutely loves dogs and laughs his head off at Loki.

He is crawling lightening fast as well ! lol all to places he shouldn't like the plug sockets, TV cabinet and Loki's dinner bowl! We have started Mason on 3x 8oz bottles a day now on Aptamil Follow on Milk and he also has three meals a day. He loves his sweets a bit too much though! (like mammy!) His favourite at the minute is Ella's Kitchen Fromage Frais mango flavour and he loves Organix's vanilla biscuit rings!

Mason has finally cut a tooth threw which is very sharp (I know this from him taking nibbles on my arms!) on the bottom. I have to dab Anbesol on it now and then because its really been hurting him poor little thing! I also give him Calpol for the pain.
Well gone are the days of my baby boy being a great sleeper!!! he is not sleeping through anymore at all! he is waking a few times in night (probably with his teeth) and deciding it time to wake up at 3am!! so he comes into our bed, and thankfully falls back asleep until around 5-6 ish.

I took Mason swimming again after a few weeks of not going but this time with his daddy and loved it! he was sitting on the edge of the pool wanting to "fall" in with mammy or daddy catching him. I did dunk him once or twice and it didn't seem to phase him !
Mason has learnt to wave "bye bye" now! its so sweet!!!!!
I started back at work this month (sob sob) it was hard leaving him but he is in very good hands with my mam and mother in law. I'm only back two days a week so its not too bad!

I haven't had Mason weighed since his last update but I'm very interested to see how much he weighs now with only having the three bottles a day and meals, I will probably take him in the next few weeks.

He is currently in either 9-12 month clothing or 12-18 month clothing depending on where I shop......some of the holiday clothes I bought for September I'm having to get on him now because I don't think they will fit on holiday!

Here's a few pictures from this month.....


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