Masons 8 Month Update!!

Hi Everyone!

Wow it seems like only a few days ago since I was writing Masons 7 month update! The months are flying by! My baby is 8 months old already I cant believe it!

This month Mason has mastered sitting up I can leave him sitting up now and not worry about him falling back and hitting his head! He has also learnt how to hold his own weight and he will stand with this Vtech walker but I have to have my hand there just in case as he does sometimes just flop ! Mason is now mobile!!! He can crawl!! It started out with a bit of a shuffle at first then he would rock on his hands and knees but now he is crawling all over the floor! We are currently crawling around on the floor at his level trying to baby proof everything! (anyone looking in the window would be having a good laugh at us!) You don't quite realise how many things in your home are a hazard until you have a crawling baby on the loose!! He has also started giving me a kiss on demand but with an open mouth for of dribble !!

Mason loves swimming still and has no problem going under the water now, which I'm really pleased about ! We have also started going to toddlers at our local community centre which Mason loves. Last week I put him in the walker they have and he was literally running around the room ! I had to run around after him because he was trying to crash into everything !! 

I had Mason weighed last week and he was 19lbs 1/2 oz which is very slightly above the line but its actually a good job he was because he has had his first proper cold this week and he has been really struggling to eat and drink his bottle! Mason is still eating three meals a day and having 4 or 5 bottles a day aswell but I have cut down the amount in the bottles to 8oz on a morning, 7oz with breakfast, 6oz at dinner, 7oz at teatime then 8oz at night time feed. It is still quite a bit and to be honest he doesn't really finish the bottles apart from a morning and a night he drains the bottle! I think he will gradually start to drink less and less as he gets older.

Masons night time routine is slightly different now. He still has his bath at 7pm, bottle at 8pm then straight to bed in his own room. He usually goes out like a light straight away, then I have a bit time to myself on a night so that I can update my blog, write some articles for 'Oh Lilla Mag' or just browse Facebook and Instagram!. Then he has been waking up early hours of the morning sometimes as early as 3am and not going back to sleep unless he snuggled up in bed with me! This week with him being poorly there has been a couple of nights where he has been in so much pain with teething and not been able to breathe properly with his blocked nose that he was waking up after only and hour of being in his cot so I was just putting him straight in my bed with me and he was sleeping right through. 


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