Hi Everyone !!

If you remember last week I told you that I was going to take part in my fellow mammy blogger DearLittleLucas's get fit challenge! Well here's my first check in!

Today was the first real day of getting back into eating healthy, with it just been Easter and all!!!! (yes I still get Easter Eggs at 26 years old!!) I had two wholemeal chicken wraps for lunch today, which was surprisingly tasty ! I don't usually like wraps but these were YUMMY! Then for tea I made two little smoked salmon fillets with wholemeal rice and Quinoa. Later on I was feeling rather peckish I must admit ! so instead of reaching for something unhealthy I had a banana instead!! I didn't drink enough water today at all! I'm aiming for 2 litres a day but I only managed one 500ml bottle! 

Exercise wise .....well not much done if Im honest! I did go for a 30 minute walk with Mason in the pushchair, I suppose that counts as exercise! I do however aim to work on my abs and bum as these two seem to be the only things that suffered after I gave birth lol lots of sit ups, crunches and squats coming my way!!!

If anyone has any nice clean eating meal ideas please share with me because I always find it hard to get inspiration !


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