Dear Little Mama Gets Fit!!

Hi Everyone!

Well I'm not going to hasn't been a good couple of weeks!

I'm writing this post in bed poorly (my own fault really!). Me and my fellow mammy friend decided to have a lovely walk into town from my house yesterday. It was a lovely day here in Durham and I finally got my maxi dress and sandals out ! Mason was in his shorts and T-shirt with his cool cap and sunglasses, and we set off! 

We walked the scenic route and boy was it scenic! though the woods, along the river and we stopped off at Starbucks in the town. All the way there I only had a few sips of water and had a mocha frappe when we got to Starbucks ( I know naughty me! had cream on it as well). 

The walk really tired me out but I didn't think much of it, then a couple of hours later once I was home i started to feel really sick, had a bad head and was shaking all over, I think I was probably dehydrated from not having any water and just caffeine ! so that's my lesson learnt !! You can't walk for miles on a hot day and not drink water lol!!!

Hopefully my fitness and healthy eating will resume next week! I will keep you posted !


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