Masons 5 Month Update! + Our Photoshoot Pictures!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

My baby is 5 months old!!!! When did that happen???? I know I say this in every update but a LOT has happened since his last update post!!

Mason is full on teething now! red cheeks the lot!!! I have had to put anbesol on his gums a lot and a few nights he has even had to have some calpol he's been in that much pain poor bugger!! He wakes up screaming because of them, its such a horrible thing to see as a mother, your baby in pain! I'm not sure if it has anything to do with him teething but he is also starting to be more wakeful in the night now aswell. On a good night I will only have to get up and put his dummy back in a couple of times but on a bad night I'm literally out of bed every couple of minutes !! Then his new waking up time is 4am, I usually change his nappy then he goes back down for about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours before waking for his morning bottle. Speaking of bottles! He is on an 8oz bottle every 3-4 hours 5 times a day but I decided to wean him on to pureed foods at 17 weeks (I have already wrote a post on this if you want to CHECK IT OUT!!)

He is doing so well and loves his food!! like his mama!! lol

We decided to take him swimming again as he loved it last time, only silly mammy thought she would dunk him like they do at water babies......fair to say I won't be doing that again anytime soon!!!!!!!! We have had a few firsts this month aswell! On 25th March he rolled over for the first time, and has never stopped since! even when trying to change a stinky nappy!! He is also sitting by himself for a couple of seconds but still leans forward a little so I have to be there just in case. Mason stayed at his Nana's house for the first time this month, which to be honest I was dreading just because its not my mam, i think most mammys will agree with me on this one, theres nothing wrong with the in laws just it isn't your mam and dad! and to make me feel even worse about the situation Mason had not stopped screaming all morning so I was convinced he was going to have them up all night like he had done for me the night before......but no, he slept all through the night not one little cry lol.

My mam (who is a qualified hairdresser) trimmed masons hair for the first time! it looked less like a fuzzy coconut after she was finished lol.
The best thing I have seen this month has got to be Mason belly laughing at our dog Loki ! for a while Loki was the only thing that would make him do proper belly laughs! its so cute!!
We had some gorgeous photos done by my friend Ashleigh from ASHLEIGH LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY. She is so talented and I love her work! anyone in Durham area that wants any photography work done she's your girl!!! 


Heres a few photos from this month !!



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