Masons 4 Month Update !!

Hi Everyone 

Mason is now 4 months old !!!!!!! I can't quite believe how fast the time is going!! I wish I could just press pause or slow mo !!

He has come on so much since his last update! I think I mentioned in his last update that he was teething, well it seems to have slowed down a bit now I only had to give him some teething granules once or twice in this past month. His hands and fingers are still constantly in his mouth and he's still a dribbling mess lol we go through at least 7 to 8 bibs a day!!!! 

Mason has started talking away to himself its so cute! He will lie in his cot next to me on a morning and just babble away to himself until its time to get up lol!
Talking about bed, well he is now in a proper little routine! even better than last month! He has his afternoon bottle now between 5-5:30pm then bath at 6pm, after that we usually play for a bit then he will drift off to sleep and he usually naps for about 30 minutes. His last bottle of the night is at 8pm and then usually in bed for 8:30/9pm. I put the video monitor on him and leave him upstairs while I come down and have some much needed grown up time!! lol which usually consists of blogging, online shopping, The Walking Dead or catching up with social media! I only have to go up a couple of times to put his dummy back in if he spits it out but other than that he nods straight off!
I just started tonight to give him 8oz in his bottle to see how he would take it because he has been draining the bottle and he cries when he's finished it like he's still hungry!! He has put weight on since his last update, he is now around 13lbs 7oz but probably more than that now as this was a couple of weeks ago!

We went through a few tough days a couple of weeks ago as our dog barked really loud in the bathroom while Mason was having a bath, and it really scared him poor bugger ! I think it was because it echoed with it being in the tiled bathroom. So every night for about a week he screamed uncontrollably as soon as his feet touched the water! I was so so angry with the dog! but he finally came out of it with the help of my mam and a few bath toys to distract him lol. 
Me and my mam also took him swimming for the first time last week! I was quite nervous about it because of the whole dog and bath incident but to my astonishment he absolutely loved it!! I can't wait to take him again!

He is almost sitting by himself now, he has total control of his head and neck and I only have to hold him at the waist so he doesn't fall forward. His favourite toy at the minute is a toss up between his Eeyore cuddly toy and his Glow up Seahorse ! He Laughs at himself in the mirror its so cute! and follows Loki around the room all the time (his eyes do not him lol he isn't crawling yet! lol)

One of the main things that has happened this month was his check up at the hospital about the three little holes in his heart. Well they didn't do a Cardio echogram but she listened to his chest and she said there was still a slight murmur which means they are still there but we have to go back again for another check up when he's 12 months old and they should of closed up completely.

Mason loves his Jumperoo!! I know it says from 6 month +, but he holds himself up in it and bounces like crazy while giggling away at himself! so I put him in it for no longer than 5 minutes at a time.


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