10 Things No-one Tells You About Pregnancy and Motherhood !

I have been wanting to do this post for so long now ! Well I finally have the chance as the little fella is at his Nonno and Nonnas house for the night ! (First night away from mammy!!) 

These are my 10 things people seem to leave out when telling you about pregnancy and motherhood! I think it's important to know them before hand just so your .....well how can I put it ...ready for everything ! 
Not all of these things will be the same for some women so don't judge lol!! 

1. No one can quite tell you just how tired you get when your pregnant ! To the point where you litterally have to close your eyes and hold your head in your hands while sitting on the loo at work just to get a couple minutes shut eye ! 

2. I couldn't believe how uncomfortable lying on your back would get towards the end! It is so frustrating! Word of warning if your pregnant and decide oh I think I might lie on my back tonight , make sure you have someone lying next to you when you want to get up....turtle on its back expression comes to mind ! 

3. Number 2 kind of leads onto my number 3 thing being, how many times you have to go to the toilet in one day!!! Its crazy ! I remember going into the toilets at the metro centre and there being a sign on the back of the door saying something like "it's not normal to plan your day around toilet breaks " I was like erm you obviously arnt aiming that at pregnant women ! 

4. Sorry pregnant women that are reading this I don't want to scare you but my number 4 is basically how much giving birth hurts! People tell you it will be the most painfull thing you will ever do, but until you do it ....nope I still feel sick thinking about it (also depends on the type of birth you have mine was pretty traumatic so it's not like that for everyone)

5. How nieve you are before you have your first baby! I was going to be a breastfeeding , atrachment parenting ,water birthing super mam ....doesn't always work out that way! 

6. How much you will worry about getting the room at the right temperature and making sure the bath is at 37•c. Constant worrying about wether or not they are getting enough milk ect ! It's just sorry worry all the time lol!! 

7. This one is quite a personal one and I still find it hard to say but everyone tells you that you instantly have this overwhelming love for your baby as soon as you see them and don't get me wrong I had a love for him that I have never felt for anyone else but it had to grow each day for me. Every day I love him more than the day before and that's just the way it was with me. There's nothing wrong with that though if you feel like this it does get better and you feel less guilty about it because it's normal for some women to take some time to adjust to the new little person you made ! 

8. I knew I wouldn't have much time to myself once Mason arrived but I didn't realise just how less time you really get to yourself ! I have become the worlds fastest eater since he was born ! 

9. This one only really goes if you have a little boy .....how fast you have to become at changing nappies before you get a little water hose spraying everywhere !! 

10. How much you miss them the first night they stay out !!! I'm writing this now as Mason is at his grandparents house for the first time! I had loads of things in mind that I wanted to do tonight while I didn't have him here .....but all I have done is sit and look at pictures and videos of him and text my mam every hour asking for a picture update !! Lol 

Well there's my 10 things, there are plenty more but I will do another post about then this one is already too long lol !! 



  1. so true!

    Hope your first night without him wasn't too bad! i hated mine, but it gets easier the more he stays xx

  2. I hope it gets easier lol! I didn't know what to do with myself !! lol