Munchkin Bath Toys Review!!

Hi Everyone!!

We were very kindly gifted with 3 different bath toys to review from Munchkin. The 'Baby Bath Ball', 'Magic Colour Lily Pad Stacker's' and '2 Swimming Bath Bugs'.

As soon as we received the toys through the post I was so excited to try them out in the bath!....or should I say I was so excited for Mason to try them out! lol
That night I thought we'd start out with the swimming bath bugs.....

Swimming Bath Bugs Review

These little bath bugs look so adorable with their googly eyes and see through wings! You pull their tail and place them in the water and off they go!! their wings spin which makes them swim through the water!! Mason loved watching them race up and down the bath...until he caught one of them and took it hostage as a teether!!! (2 teeth were coming through that week!!) I couldn't really see any negatives to this toy and I think if anything the older Mason gets the more fun he will have with them as he learns and understands more how they work!

Baby Bath Ball Review

This toy was a clear winner with Mason! His face lit up with excitement when I handed it too him in the bath!! all of his other toys were pushed to one side and he played with this one for a good half an hour!
The ball has a smaller ball within it which is actually a rattle and he loved shaking it around and hearing the noises it made. I honestly found the best pat of this toy was the straining feature, you fill the ball up with water and lift it up and watch all the water pour through the little holes . This is ideal for putting above your little ones head to act as a sort of 'shower' especially if like me you have a kid that hates lying back to rinse shampoo of their hair!!
Again I have nothing bad to say about this product at all but if I was being really picky the only thing is that because it holds water and strains it, Mason thought it was hilarious to pick it up out of the water and hold it over the bath!! The dog got a nice big drink of water that night!!!

Magic Colour Lily Pad Stackers Review

Last but not least the Magic Colour Lily Pad Stackers!. This is a stacker toy that magically reveals secret images once submerged into bath temperature water!! How Cool!!
Mason wasn't really too fussed about the magically appearing images, maybe just his age, but I definitely was! He was too busy trying to bite the head off the poor frog that sits on the top of the lily pad tower!
Once he realised the frog wasn't a teether and I shown him what to do with the pieces he quite happily sat in the bath and stacked them up piece by piece over and over and ...over again!! He was in the bath for nearly an hour before he got sick! I had to top up the bath with hot water twice!!!
Oh and we had lots of fun with the frog too as he squirts water out of his mouth!...needless to say the dog managed to get a big drink of water off the bathroom floor that night aswell!!

All three products were fantastic and I would definitely recommend them! I love the Munchkin brand and I think they really put a lot of thought into their products!
If you haven't done already click this link to take you to the Munchkin website where you can purchase the three products in this review! and you can take a look at all the other bits and bobs they do! they have a wide range of products from feeding to potty training!!! so go take a look!!

If you have any questions regarding any of the toys I reviewed please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help!


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