Masons 10 month update!!

Hi Everyone

It's Masons 10 month update time!!

This month Mason has learnt to stand by himself holding the sofa and he has even stood completely by himself for about 5 seconds lol
His walking is coming on really too, he is already trying to take his first steps!
We bought Mason his first Clark's shoes last weekend to help him along with his walking. They are so cute on him and we decided to go with ones that looked a bit like converse so that they would go with his clothes!
We have had to baby proof EVERYTHING now as he thinks it hilarious to crawl over to the plugs and stick his fingers in!!!
Mason can now say 'dada' and 'mama' !!! yey he can finally say mama!!! oh and not forgetting 'dah dah' which is Masons language for dog!

Clothes wise Mason is wearing size 9-12 month still but more and more of his clothes are now 12-18 month ! he is so long !!

After reading my last update there isn't much of a change in the past month, apart from feeding wise there has been a massive change! He is still on 3 8oz bottles a day and three meals but he hasn't been eating as much as he usually does! it could have something to do with the fact that I'm trying to wean him off Ella's kitchen pouches and make home made food for him *I have nothing against Ella's kitchen at all Its just I wanted him to start eating what we are eating to save money* long story short......he doesn't like my home cooking! ive tried so many different things and he turns his nose up at them all..apart from dairylee spread on sandwich thins, cheese on toast and the occasional pasta dish!

He has two bottom teeth and he is finally cutting one of the top ones, so understandably he has been quite fussy and upset this month! 
I still haven't had Mason weighed *oops!! so I think I better do that this month!

Here's a few pictures from this month!...


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