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A letter to Lucas

5 months is all it took,
to see the pink line.
It was so different this time 
yet still the same fluttery feeling

A letter to Mason

I remember the days we prayed for what we have now,
forever getting negative tests,
being told "it will happen don't worry" with good intentions.

We've got RATS!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Yes you certainly did hear me correctly ......WE HAVE RATS!!

High Force Waterfall

Hi Everyone!!

This weekend we decided quite spontaneously to take the boys to High Force  located at Forest-in-Teesdale, in the heart of the Durham Dales, Co. Durham.

We were not disappointed ........

Self Care is NOT being Selfish!!!

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                                         Hi everyone!!

Another day another nap time from the youngest child so another new post for you all.

Self-care...its one of those touchy subjects! ...unfortunately....

It's been a While!!!

Hi Everyone........I'ts been a while...hasn't it!

Well here's the thing, two little boys, life, saying goodbye to our dog Loki, work,starting up my own business, personal issues, a hospital stay for the hubby, and everything else that goes along with trying to be a good parent has majorly stepped in my way of pulling my laptop out and blogging!

Only now am I starting to feel like I have some spare time again to do what I love doing, Writing !

Newborn/Family Photoshoot!!!

Hi Everyone!

I recently had a newborn/family photoshoot done (minus the camera shy husband!) by the talented Ashleigh Lawson Photography