About Me!

Hi Everyone! 

Just a little bit about me.....My name is Ainsleigh and live in the North East of England. My family consists of Me (mammy) Andrew (husband & daddy) and our  sons Mason and Lucas !

I used to love writing at school (it was one of the only things I was good at!) and when we started trying for our first baby and it was taking longer than I expected, I decided to let all my anger, frustration, and heartache out in the best way I could......by writing.

I like to think that I have helped people in similar situations by being truthful and sharing my experiences with you all, but I really did start this blog for myself to one day look back on. We now have our little miracle Mason and he's our world! I love looking back on all my pregnancy updates and thinking "was I really that big!!!" and I have managed to do this by blogging ! I can't ever see a future without my Blog now I enjoy it so much (when I have time to Blog that is!! mason makes sure he's number one lol!!) 

Like I said I write my Blog mainly for myself but I know I do have a lot of people that read it, which is amazing thank you so much! So I try to keep it fun for you aswell. I also write for a parenting and lifestyle magazine called Littles Magazine

Thanks for reading,



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