Baby Number 2 update & 4D pictures!!

Hi Everyone,

I'm so sorry I have left it this long!!!!!

I will be completely honest with you all, I'm finding it so hard to keep on top of my blog aswell as look after my little Mason who seems to have hit the terrible twos in full force! and also get ready for baby number two coming! I'm currently 26 + 5 days pregnant and I'm definitely starting to feel it now!!!! Heartburn, Indigestion, Acid reflux ohhhh it a killer!!!!!

Anyway we went to get the 4D scan done today at BabyBond in Mothercare Team Valley, we decided to take Mason so he could see his little brother on the screen for the first time!........


Why on earth i thought he would sit mesmerised by the images of his little brother ?!! No he acted like a two year old would act while being told to sit still and watch a funny looking alien thing on the big screen while some stranger prodded at mammy's belly with a funny looking device!!!!!!

Poor daddy ended up having to take him out the room so we could get the scan done without being deafened by the screams of a tired 2 year old! I did however purchase more pictures than I originally was going to and the USB with all the images on so that Andrew didn't miss out too much.

Anyways here's the pictures and yes if anyone is thinking the same thing as both me and my husband ...he might aswell be masons twin, they are the spit and double of each other!!!

Why not check out my post from back when we had Masons 4D scan done to see just how similar they are!!

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