London Trip + ICEBAR experience!

Hi everyone,
My biggest Christmas present this year was a two day trip to London with my mam and sister to see Wicked.
We had such a good time and would definitely recommend seeing the show if your into that type of thing. We also went to the London ICEBAR which has been on my dream list for some time! I was so excited to finally tick it off that list !

We arrived at the ICEBAR, which is located on Heddon Street, at around 4:30pm and we were unsure whether or not we had to book, but to our surprise we didn't need too and we had just made it in time for the next 40 minute slot! so we paid the entrance fee (or should I say my mam paid the fee! thanks mam!) of just £13.50 which included your first ICE cocktail! and we waited in the bar till it was our turn (the warm bar may I add!). Finally it was 4:55pm and it was time to line up to get our huge warm cloaks they issue you that make you look like an Eskimo!. We walked through the door into the ICEBAR (it was really just a very big cold freezer!) but it was AMAZING! 
Everything was made up of ICE, the bar, the tables, the walls, even the glass for the cocktails! Speaking of cocktails I chose a bourbon cocktail named after the famous AC/DC song "Whole Lotta Rosie"! (all the drinks were named after famous songs!)
The drink consisted of Four Roses Bourbon, cherry liqueur, pineapple juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Angostura bitter and it was HEAVEN! especially with it being literally ICE cold!! 
There were many other cocktails to choose from, my mam had a "comfotably Numb" and my sister had the other bourbon choice which was called "Ace of Spades"...I was in my rock element in this place!, the music was definitely my kind of music.
The ICEBAR is so much more than just a bar of ICE!, you can dine there too. An example of the packages they do is on their website go CHECK IT OUT!

After our 40 minutes was up we were led back out the door into the warmth and to hand our "Eskimo" cloaks back and I can honestly say apart from seeing "Wicked" on the same night, it was the best thing we did in London! I would highly recommend it!
 here are some pictures we took in there!

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