My first year as a mammy

Hi Everyone!

Mason is 1 year old this week and I thought it would be a fun post to share with you all 50 things that happen in the first year of being a parent ! Just a little light hearted post but I'm sure most of them you will be nodding your head at !! 

  1. Bye Bye sleep......
  2. You start checking out other moms prams and nappy bags
  3.  You can get ready in 15 minutes....that includes a shower and washing your hair!
  4. before baby you wouldn't dare leave the house without your phone and maybe your fave its more like you wouldn't dare leave the house without bibs and nappies! 
  5. you don't mind having another woman watch you get your boobs out! (to feed baby not just randomly flashing at women lol)
  6. You have to loose your dignity in the early days......don't miss that!
  7. you will get pooped and peed on......there is no escaping that one!
  8. If your like me Goggle became my GP.
  9. You make new friends that have babies similar in age
  10. You beat yourself up about doing this wrong or that wrong or not following guidelines, then you learn to do whats best for you and baby.
  11. You spend hours scrubbing out the poo stains off the side of baby vests where its found its way out of the nappy!
  12. You are forever packing away clothes that don't fit baby anymore!
  13. you are forever packing away clothes that don't fit you anymore.!
  14. You may be bit a few times from your teething child
  15. You will argue with your other half.....its just the sleepless nights talking!
  16. you mainly argue with the other half because of his elephant like footsteps when hes walking up the stairs and baby is asleep !!!!!
  17. You will feel like quitting your job and making money other ways just so you can stay at home with baby.
  18. when you realise that there isn't a lot of other options to make the money you do at work at home unless your prepared to be a stripper then you suck it up and maybe only work 2 or three days a week. (I do not condone being a stripper no matter how well paid it is, leave that one for a Friday night when you have had one too many lol!)
  19. To add to number 18 your Friday nights are now non existent, unless the grandparents have them for you 
  20. if your lucky enough that the grandparents will have baby on a Friday night you will still end up waking up at 6am on Saturday morning 
  21. You talk about your babies poo to other mams without wincing 
  22. You wonder where all your money is going ...then you buy them converse for your 10 month old that cost £36 (he grew out of them in 2 months)
  23. You do think to yourself sometimes I wonder what I would of done with my life if I hadn't had kids
  24. You do sometimes think what life would be like if it was just you travelling the world .....then your toddler slaps you in the face with a spaghetti covered hand
  25. your house gets messy....very messy
  26. You can feel the tears in your eyes when you hear other children crying 
  27. You cant watch any horror film or TV show that has weird creepy kids in
  28. If you do watch anything with weird creepy kids in you turn the video part of your baby monitor off just in case you catch a glimpse of them floating above their cot with green eyes!
  29. You feel like the worst parent in the world when you have to take you child to A&E because they have rolled off the bed ....wait when did they learn to roll over!?
  30. You constantly compare your child's development with other kids their age and worry when they aren't doing the same things!
  31. You constantly get fed with "advice" that you don't want off people
  32. you learn how to grit your teeth and smile and nod!
  33. you cry at anything.....I mean anything!
  34. you feel guilty because you had to stop breastfeeding after 5 days and go onto formula....yes I felt guilty as hell that I had plenty milk coming through and Mason latched on fine but I found it physically draining!
  35. Forever tidying up toys
  36. You forget to pay any attention to your dog!
  37. You feel guilty about point 36...
  38. You consider going out in your PJ's 
  39. You wish baby and toddler groups started later in the day....9:30am is a long shot when your screaming 11 month old refuses to put his nappy on!
  40. You get get really frustrated when your child wont pose for a photo for your Instagram!!
  41. you spend waaaay to much of your free time scrolling your Instagram feed!
  42. You make a mental note of all the things you need to do once baby is napping 
  43. *baby is napping* go on Facebook
  44. You start planning for your next baby.....I did anyway!!
  45. You panic when you cant find any dummy's at nap time
  46. You find a load of dummy's down the side of their cot!
  47. coffee becomes your drink of choice.....or the occasional coffee with whiskey!
  48. your thankful the at you have a self working hoover at dinner times.....the dog!
  49. you realise it was a big mistake feeding the dog scraps off your plate once the baby starts feeding him everything off their plate!!!
  50. The most important thing you realise in the first year of parenthood is yes its really bloody hard being a parent, you will do things wrong, you will do things right, you will panic, laugh, cry and loose your mind but you would quite happily do the first year all over again when you realise your baby is turning ONE !! were did that first year go!!! 


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