Mason's First Birthday!: CAKE SMASH!!!!

Hi Everyone!

My little man turns 1 on 9th November and were throwing him a 
Winter ONEderland party! So I thought I would book him in for a Cake Smash Photo Session with the very talented

We had the Photo shoot a couple of weeks before the party so that we had some photos to show off at his party. 
We couldn't be more pleased with how the pictures turned out! and we know one thing to come out of this photo session.....mason LOVES cake! (like his mam!)

I was always going to make Masons cake smash cake because I love baking cakes so I made a practise cake a few weeks before the session. The cake turned out perfect, the only things I made a note of for the final cake was more food colouring in the icing to make it a darker teal colour and also use an extra egg when it came to the ingredients as It was a little crumbly. 

The Practise Cake

The day before the smash came and I was excited to create my master piece.....4 cakes later I gave up! My cooker conveniently broke on me, today of all days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cakes weren't cooking in the middle even after 35 minutes in the oven! Its an electric cooker and on inspection me and my husband decided it was the element that had gone. MORE EXPENSES!!
So I started running round like a headless chicken trying to find somewhere that sold just a normal Victoria sponge cake that I could Ice myself. I managed to get a couple of small Victoria Sponge Cakes from Tesco and I literally put one on top of the other (secured with a bit of Buttercream) and started Icing it. What i didn't realise was that it was an all butter sponge cake so it was quite sticky! Anyway I managed, and apart from it being a little wonky and not level on the top I think it it turned the end of the day it was only made to be smashed up!!

We got to Ashleigh's house for the session and I was so excited to see what Mason's face would be like when he tried his first piece of cake! The session went absolutely perfect! Mason was a little star and cooperated with us the whole time, apart from having a go at bursting the prop balloons! 
The Pictures turned out better than I could imagine I love them so much I had to have them all!!! Anyway I'm sure you would rather look at the pictures yourself  than listen to me babble on, so here they are!!

Want to see more!! click HERE for part 2 of Cake Smash Pictures!! 

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