Is It Too Early For Another Baby??

I have been asking myself this question over and over again recently!!

Me and Andrew have always said we would like 2 children and very close in age, and that is still the case. We know what it was like to wait nearly 3 years for our first child and we don't want that to happen again (although I know we have no control over it!) but we would like to think that we had another child before we were 30....which is only in 3 years!!!!! 

I love the idea of our children growing up together a similar age, having similar interests and playing together at school ect. There is only 3 years age gap between my husband and his sister but there is 9 years between me and my brother and sister. My mam had trouble getting pregnant just like I did and she ended up trying for a brother or sister for me for 9 years!! she finally got pregnant after a second successful IVF treatment and I got a brother and a sister!!
I remember growing up and helping my mam with the twins but I also remember the fact that when I was a stroppy 15 year old they were only 6 and I didn't have any time for them, looking back now I wasn't really a great big sister because all I was bothered about was boys and alcohol!.....well maybe a little older with the alcohol....shhhh! 
I want my kids to grow up with each other and be there for each other not like I was with my siblings. 
I understand there are good points and bad points to having children so close together but if it was really that hard then people wouldn't do it !! 

I look back at the newborn pictures of Mason and I crave for that again! not saying Masons no good now he's to old lol but I think some of you will know what I mean when I say I'm broody and would love another newborn in the house again! Mason would be a great big brother! I also think being a first time mother I constantly think to myself I wouldn't do this next time or I would change the way I do this with the next child because we are constantly learning how we are as mothers and fathers. 

Ah just looking at these picture makes me want my little baby boy to be all little again!!!!!

Has anyone else been asking themselves recently "is it too soon for another baby?" or have you got two under 2?? Let me know what you think, have you got good points and bad points you can share with me? 

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