Back To Work Essentials!!

Hi Everyone,

Seen as though I'm back at work on Monday after my long 9 month maternity leave off I though I would share with you my 'Back to work essentials'.....

I'm a very organised person and the thought of going back to work and not having my s**t together stresses me out so much! so what better than having a list of said s**t to help me, and you, out!

  • First things FIRST.....your attire. You may work somewhere that has a uniform in that case your pretty much sorted in the 'attire' section but if your like me and every day is a non uniform day then picking your outfit can sometimes be labouring! I have a office job and sit down for most the day (unless I'm making a brew!) so comfy clothes is a must for me. I like to be quite casual at work I'm not really a 'suit' type of girl. I love this combo for work...

  • Next important this is your Diary. I would be lost without my diary at work, I write anything and everything in it from doctors appointments to what I'm making for tea that night (I know ..very organised lol) You can get so many pretty diaries and organisers, I love Paperchase but I actually found mine in Tesco! 

  • You need a cute bag to put that cute diary in!!! A good work bag should be able just big enough to hold all your essentials in but still be small enough to store away once your at work, for instance if like me you have a drawer next to your desk that you shove your bag in then its no good having a massive bag! I always like to have bags that have compartments to them so I can easily find stuff like my phone and purse. This is a cute bag from Matalan ....

Wish me look on my first day back on Monday!!!!!


*pictures from Pinterest and products website

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