Our Baby-Led Weaning Journey!!

Hi Everyone!

I have decided to document Masons Baby-Led Weaning Journey, mainly for me to look back on but also as an informative blog post for other mammy's that are starting out in this exciting new adventure!!

Now if you read my blog you will know that I weaned Mason at 17 weeks onto pureed veg in particular sweet potato and carrots. He loved it and I literally couldn't get the spoon into his mouth fast enough!! But he is coming up to 6 months now and I feel like he is totally ready for a different approach. I will start of slowly and see how he takes to it, maybe some banana or avocado first.

I would love you all to follow me on our Journey and If anyone is also just starting out lets share our experiences !!! 
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Monday 27th April 2015

We started today with Banana. Mason knew exactly what to do, only he found it hard to pick up because silly mammy didn't leave some skin on to make it easier to handle. So as you can imagine very slimy baby hands for mammy to clean! I was also very nervous about the massive chunks he was taking out of the banana, I just wasn't prepared enough myself for this, however it didn't phase Mason!! 

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Next we tried Pear, but this time I put it in his Munchkin Fresh Food Mesh Feeder. I had heard a few bad things about these, being very hard to clean ect, but I stayed away from Banana and Avocado as I can imagine they would be the hardest to clean out of the time little mesh holes!. Mason loved the pear! and the mesh feeder gave me a bit more confidence because I knew he couldn't choke on any little bits. He sucked the juice outa that pear like there was no tomorrow!!! 

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Wednesday brought Avocado ! Like I said above I didn't want to use the mesh feeder with this as It looked like it would be a nightmare to clean avocado out of, so I went right ahead and gave mason a few chunks of avocado right on his tray. He wasn't to sure about it at first, I don't think he like it as much as the pear and the banana but he still tried it! He gagged a few times but spat it out when there was too much, I unfortunately didn't get this on video!  I also tried him on cucumber today but he wasn't to keen on it lol

Thursday 30th April 2015

Today I went out and bought one of those little mixed veg bags from Co-op and put a little bit of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot into a pan and boiled it up till it was soft. Mason loved this so much! He was laughing and giggling all the way through eating it, and the broccoli was a big hit! I was initially scared of giving him broccoli because i thought it might all stick to the top of his mouth but he coped fine and i also gave him some cool boiled water in his sippy cup just in case ! 

I made a little video of our journey and uploaded it to my YouTube channel check it out!.....

I would love some tips and tricks from you all, please feel free to leave comments! xx


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