Loki & Mason BFF'S!!!

Hi Everyone,

So I thought I would write a post on my dog Loki seen as though he hasn't been mentioned since Mason came along lol! Don't worry though, he still gets plenty of attention believe me!!!!

If your wondering what he's like with mason, I couldn't of asked for a better dog! I was beyond worried when I was pregnant with Mason that we would have to give Loki away because well.....he's a hyper Jack Russell and I really thought he would be jealous. I really had nothing to worry about he took to mason like he was his own little baby/puppy! 
The first few nights home with Mason were a nightmare and it was our fault, we let Loki come up into our room (which I said I would never ever do) but he just whined and whined to be up near Mason (maybe to protect him?). He started off on the bottom of the bed but we soon got sick off this when he decided he should be lying under the covers with us!!!! pair that with a baby who had colic and a mama trying to recover from quite a bad child birth and there was a few tears and angry things said to the poor dog!. 

Andrew decided on about the 4th day of bed sharing (with the dog not the baby lol) that this just wasn't right when there was a newborn getting fed in the same bed, so he wanted to try Loki in his cage again but in our room. I really didn't think it was going to work after giving in letting him on our bed, but to my surprise the first night in his cage he slept right through without crying to be out or anything! I couldn't believe it! 

That was the best thing we could of done putting him in his cage, he's gone from never wanting to sleep in his cage to jumping in it and lying down when were just sitting in the bedroom or if I'm getting ready on a morning he will just have a little doggy lie in lol! He is that good now, when Andrews on late shift I actually leave the cage door open so that he can run downstairs to greet him coming in from work, and he doesn't try and get up in bed with me at all!

He makes mason laugh so much its adorable! he has a mad half hour where he just runs around the whole house jumping off the couch and running round the table and Mason thinks its hilarious lol! He play fights with me and Andrew but he won't even lick mason because he knows he's not allowed to! 
One thing I will say for all of you who don't like dogs near babies, I have common sense, I would never ever leave Loki alone with Mason, I don't know what my dog is thinking and It only takes one mistake from him to hurt my baby or worse so no I don't leave them alone together !!
(Loki is my shadow anyway I can't get away from him lol)

I love that Mason will grow up with his doggy friend and I hope we have many many happy fun filled years with our fur baby!!!

Loki picking out a pram for Mason 
Staying close to him lol
My Two Little Men 
Chillin on mammys bed

Mason Stroking Loki

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