My Decision To Wean At 17 Weeks!!

Hi everyone,

As you can probably tell by the title, this post is all about my decision to wean Mason early. These are all my personal opinions and I respect that everyone is entitled to theirs as well. 

I decided a few days ago to start Mason off on the weaning process, mainly because he was still hungry after an 8oz bottle every 3 to 4 hours. He was also showing all the signs that he was ready for food like sitting up with very little support, taking a lot of interest in me eating my food!, grabbing anything in sight and shoving it in his gob!! and draining his bottle at every feed. 
"So why didn't you just give him an extra ounce in his bottle" I hear you all asking me! Well your right I could of done that but I personally felt like he was ready for something more than just an extra ounce. 

Yes, I practically got told off from the lady at the weighing clinic when I asked her for advice on it but I was expecting that! Why should us mothers feel scared or embarrassed to ask for advice when wanting to wean early!!?? Because of the "You shouldn't wean your baby until 6 month!" guidelines that were set by the Department Of Health. I totally respect that there are guidelines for a reason but the way it comes across these days its like they are trying to scare you into waiting till 6 months!! 

"Don't feed him until 6 months because their kidneys and digestive system isn't properly developed"

"If you wean them before 6 months they could end up with stomach problems when their older!"

At the end of the day, I was weaned at 4 month, you were probably weaned at 4 months, your brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles were all probably weaned before 6 month ! I mean my mam is one of 6 children and she was on mashed potatoes and gravy at 8 weeks old!!!!! and we don't have any problems! I respect that some people may have bad IBS or coeliac disease but has it really, honestly, 100% developed from being weaned early? 

Like I said at the start of this post these are all my personal opinions and I'm certainly not saying I disagree with waiting till 6 month but my point is there is probably a lot of parents weaning their children before this time why not help them and give them advice on what to feed their child rather than acting like you have just force fed your baby!!!

On a Lighter note Mason loves his Aptamil Baby Rice, he's been on it for 3 days now just a few little spoon fulls before his bottle. Tomorrow were trying home made pureed sweet potato! (I plan on making my own baby food rather than buying jars).

I think I will start off on stuff like pureed sweet potato, carrot, apple and banana. Once he has properly established a feeding routine and gets used to all the different tastes then I will introduce more flavours. 

Always remember though YOU are the best judge of what your child needs, there can be guidelines and this and that but if you feel like your child is ready to wean at 17 weeks then go for it ! I would advise talking to your Health Visitor first though like I did just so they know what your planning on doing......Just be prepared to get your head bit off lol!!!!


Watch This Video Of Mason Trying Food For The First Time!!

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