5 Things I learnt This Week!!

Hi Everyone!!

Something I don't often do on my blog is little fun posts like this so I'm going to start !! 

5 THINGS I LEARNT THIS WEEK ARE....................

  1. Mason now needs toys to hold to entertain him! he won't just sit there in his bouncy chair anymore he wants TOYS!!
  2. Why I started eating healthy in the first place, I have ate nothing but rubbish this week and I feel physically sick today and also really sluggish !
  3. That my husband actually can walk the dog!!!!
  4. I can sew!!! I haven't used a sewing machine since school but I suppose its like riding a bike, once you know how to do it you never loose it!!
  5. I have learnt that I sometimes spend money on stuff I really don't need and that I should be saving like mad if I want to be able to afford our two holidays coming up !!!!!


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