27 Weeks Pregnancy Update!!

How far along?  27 weeks!
Maternity clothes: No new clothes yet, but I'm thinking of getting fitted for a proper maternity/nursing bra soon.
Stretch marks: No 
Sleep: I have been a little bit more tired this week as I have been back to work and the long days have been catching up on me!
Best moment this week: Definitely seeing my best friend get married! It was such a lovely day! brought back so many memories for me of my wedding day!! 
Miss anything? Nothing in particular !
Movement: Loads of movement still he never rests !!!!
Food cravings: Milk lots of milk!!!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Well you know how last week I said I was craving strawberry fizzy laces, Well I went out and bought some along with some Terry's chocolate orange and and a can of cherry coke.....I ate them all at the same time and I was sick after so I definitely don't crave strawberry fizzy laces anymore! however I'm still obsessed with cherry coke!
 Gender: A Little Man!!!!
Labour signs: I was at my friends wedding like this week like I said before, and I'm not sure if it was because I was rushing around so I wasn't late or because I was stressing out in case we were late ( I HATE BEING LATE !) but all day I felt nothing but uncomfortable tightening in my belly and they were very often but they didn't increase in intensity so I knew that I didn't have anything to worry about about but still It made me stop and think at one point "Please don't be the real thing its far too early! and not at my friends wedding reception !!!!"
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, very sore feet, and generally uncomfortable
Belly button in or out? Its still where it was last week!
Wedding rings on or off? Off!! 
Happy or moody most of the time: happy and excited but also tired and getting very uncomfortable! 
Looking forward to: I'm going to a christening next week so I can't wait to be surrounded by babies!!

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