Chlomid Update!

Hi Everyone!

Well I have lots to update you on so I will get started!!

My doctor has decided to take me off the Chlomid because I was getting "Visual Disturbances" (severe bad heads and bright white flashes of light). It was my decision aswell to come off them, mainly because I didn't like what it was doing to me and also it messed up my cycles!  
I was however worried that he wouldn't do anything else for me in terms of fertility treatment, but my doctor is the best doctor I could possibly ask for and he sent a letter off straight away to my fertility doctor (I have a GP and a Fertility Specialist) to tell him about my reaction to the tablets and said he was going to take me off them, so we would have to make another appointment to go and discuss what to do next.
I'm so thank full that I have the doctor that I do he is amazing and he was the only one that really pushed for all the tests and stuff to be done to see why I wasn't getting pregnant. 

So basically whats happening now is instead of me taking 3 months worth of 50mg chlomid then upping the dose to 100mg for another 3 months , I'm going to be going back to see my fertility doctor after only 2 rounds of 50mg chlomid, and he will probably bring the "next" step forward which I'm presuming will be either IUI or IVF. !

I have mixed feelings about it all because although I'm now not going to have to wait 6 months to see if  tablets work , it feels like I'm running out of ways to get pregnant! If nothing else has worked for me why should IVF ? what if it doesn't work what will we do then? what other "steps" will there be?
I also know what goes into IVF as I was 9 when my little brother and sister were born through IVF. My Mam and Dad had one failed attempt at it then had twins with the last attempt, but they had been trying for 9 long years for a brother or sister for me ( granted I got one of each lol). They had unexplained infertility too, I wonder if it has anything to do with genetics, why Im having problems but then again they had me at 23 with no problems at all ! 
But all that aside I was old enough to remember my dad having to inject my Mam with hormone injections and the bruises on her legs of them and the horrible yellow hospital toxic waste bins they give you to put all your used needles in and stuff! 
If we end up having to do IVF (which I honestly think we will have too) its definitely not going to be an easy ride!

I would love to hear from anyone that has had IVF or is currently going through it ! i need some people to talk to in the same situation as me at the minute !

Also I would just like to remind everyone that from 28th October - 4th November its Infertility Awareness week! I personally didn't even know there was such thing till a week ago when i came across this website
I will be doing a separate post on this closer to the time so don't want to talk to much about it now.
Thank you to all of you who take the time to read my blog it means a lot to me when I get messages off people who are going through infertility like me. Lets just hope we all get our little miracles soon !!

Ainz xx

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